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Dr. Sandra Maduke is an orthodontist at Maduke Bulat Orthodontists in Surrey, BC
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Dr. Sandra Maduke

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About Dr. Sandra Maduke

Dr. Maduke received her Bachelor of Science degree in neurobiology from the prestigious McGill University. From there she obtained her Dental Degree with honours from Boston University. Dr. Maduke went on a general practice residency with the University of Washington during which she was part of patient care in Seattle's four major hospitals. This was followed by a two year specialty certification in orthodontics at Portland's Oregon Health Sciences University. Active in a number of dental and orthodontic societies, Dr. Maduke is also a sought after orthodontics clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia.

About Maduke Bulat Orthodontists

Maduke-Bulat is "a quality established orthodontics practice with a long history in a community we care about".

Dr. Sandra Maduke and Dr. Rya nBulat are committed to providing outstanding patient care while offering techniques, equipment and sterilization in a warm and compassionate environment. Maduke Bulat often gives back to the very community they serve. We look forward to welcoming you to our Surrey orthodontics office. It is our mission to provide you the best quality care while we install your braces and while you wear them. We will guide you on how to still enjoy life with your braces and will be there to answer any concerns you have.

Specializing in orthodontic services for both children and adults, Dr. Maduke and Dr. Bulat recognize that every patient is an individual, and as such, requires individual attention and care. Their highly-trained team will help advise you on the best choices available for your particular orthodontic treatment, while being sensitive to your personal cosmetic concerns.